Whether at home, in school, or in the neighborhood, the way children experience life challenges can affect them in ways that can place them at greater risk for:

  • Developmental delay
  • Poor academic performance
  • Anxiety or depression
  • A tendency toward violent behavior
  • ADHD / ADD

The National Counseling Center therapists may also assist children who have issues which include:

  • Dealing with divorce or remarriage.
  • Adjustment to new or challenging environment.
  • Loss of significant people or attachment.
  • Behavior issues.
  • Relationship and communication issues with parents and siblings

Play is the natural language of children.  Play therapy is a treatment approach that builds on a child’s natural reaction to learn about themselves and their relationships, through play, to help children work through and heal from difficult times in their lives.  Emotions are often difficult for children to understand, and even more difficult to express verbally.  In play therapy, play is the language, and toys are the words.

The unique environment of the playroom allows children to express themselves more fully and enables play that may not be able to happen at home.  All playroom toys such as dolls, puppets, sand tray, art supplies, and other toys are carefully selected to facilitate children’s creative and emotional expression.  Children are encouraged to play as they wish while the play therapist creates a safe and understanding environment to help guide the child through the process.

Through play therapy, children can learn to identify and cope with their feelings, gain greater self-respect and control, increase responsibility for themselves and their choices, and learn to accept themselves, thus encouraging behavioral changes. The therapist can assess the child’s play and make recommendations to parents concerning plans for solving problems.

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